Are you feeling mental atrophy from all of the wat you encounter programming? You might have watrophy of the brain, and boy do I got a deal for you.

The purpose of these challenges is to broaden one's view about programming techniques, especially functional and meta-syntactic techniques. As such, many of them are inspired by functionality of the Lisp, ML, and Haskell families of languages.

There is no order to the challenges, but a few of them depend on a previous one. There is also no order to the difficulty.

Solutions to these challenges don't necessarily need to be in the implied language, but sometimes it's easiest or necessary. In fact, the challenges are written in a "polyglot" style; you're encouraged to read up about functionality you may not have encountered before.

These challenges usually do not rely on any particular trick. In fact, many solutions are relatively straightforward. However, most of these challenges can be implemented particularly elegantly or insightfully. I encourage you to write solutions with craftsman-like qualities.

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